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At Kinja FC, we take pride in our emphasis on the long-term development of our players, to ensure that we provide all of our players with the tools to become technically proficient, intelligent football players, as well as well-rounded, good young people.

As part of this, we have developed the Kinja Football Pathway which outlines the focus points for players as they go through their journey within football, detailing what our players should be working on, depending on what age they are.

Please see below the different phases of our Kinja Football Pathway, and what we look to teach our players at each phase of the pathway.


Entry Phase

Age: 3-7 years old

At this age, players haven’t gained an appreciation for football or sports yet, and just want to have fun. The importance at this age is to allow the players to have fun, get lots of touches on the ball, and fall in love with having the ball at their feet - this will allow them to fall in love with football itself. They will also develop a hunger for dribbling, and having the ball with them at their feet.


Development Phase

Age: 7-10 years old

Once players are technically competent with the ball at their feet individually, it is necessary to then put them into a small-sided team environment, so they can begin to understand the options available to them on the pitch, and the value of having team mates.

Entry to the rules of the game and basic positions, with an emphasis on enjoying this new aspect of the game, and working together to succeed both individually and as a team. Focus on teamwork, attitude and trying their best to overcome all situations instead of “win-at-all-costs” mentality. Emphasis on creating a positive team environment.


Progression Phase

Age: 10-14 years old

Players improve their technical competencies, and are now at a point where they should be understanding more deeper aspects of the game, such as roles and responsibilities in positions, and basic tactical systems.

While emphasis still on player enjoyment and individual/team development. Players now look to achieve success on the pitch as a by-product of good performances, as part of a technical-focused way of playing.

Players experience playing in all roles on the pitch, to develop a deeper understanding of them, but also look towards specialisation in one or two key positions.


Competitive Phase

Age: 14-17 years old

Players reach this age with a high level of technical individual ability, and knowledge of different positions, different tactical systems and different ways of playing.

The focus of this phase is to now allow players to take responsibility for answering the questions being asked of them on the pitch, looking at problem-solving to out-play their opposition, depending on how the opposition plays.

Players at very different stages in physical development - so emphasis on playing a technical-based game. Teams should look to be more competitive, with aim to win, but winning in the right way.


Maturity Phase

Age: 17+ years old

When players reach this age, they should be looking to be playing competitively at a high level in the adult game.

With a high level of technical ability, and knowledge of different tactical systems and ways of playing, players are able to adapt to any system required, with an approach to go out and win football matches and compete at the highest levels.

The philosophy that has been ingrained into the players throughout the previous phases should come to fruition at the maturity phase.


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